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Hedge Fund Administrator

Are You In Need of Hedge Fund Administrator?

At Summit Fund Services, we take great pride in not only providing our clients with excellent service but in our ability to ensure a fund’s smooth operation. We apply a client-focused approach to each person we speak with. As an experienced hedge fund administrator operating out of New York, NY, you can count on us to value a fund’s assets, distribute them correctly to individual investors and correctly report, in detail, the allocations to those investors. We view ourselves, not just as your partners, but as an extension of your business.



At Summit Fund Services, we are more than an administrator. We’re a progressive, boutique, and trusted partner with extensive experience in fund administration, operations, investor relations, and investment management. With a diversified leadership team, Summit Fund Services is not your typical fund administrator. We’re much more.


Learn why Summit Fund Services is top-notch hedge fund administrator and why our client-focused approach sets us apart at

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