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Our Technology

We successfully deployed our technology to multiple clients, allowing them to save valuable time and energy to focus on what matters most, finding and raising capital. We built it with the sole purpose of allowing our clients the speed to insight they require, with a unique end-to-end experience giving them the support, access and transparency they need from anywhere, anytime, in a safe and secure portal.


On-demand access

  • A fully customizable data management and progressive cloud-based technology offering back- and middle office capabilities as well as acceptance of third-party data and information.

  • Fund Managers: You’ll have real-time, on-demand access to critical information when you need from anywhere in the world.

  • LPs: On-demand reporting, document access, on time tax reports and investment manager commentary. 

Proprietary general ledger system

  • Easy transaction and trade entry via web, FTP and CSV

  • Define custom parsers for easy processing of trades and cash activity from the fund’s bank and brokerage statements

Efficient automated calculations

  • Position management

  • Customizable tax-lot accounting rules

  • Realized and unrealized profit and loss

  • Investor capital accounts

  • Investor fees

  • Manual calculation overrides

  • Master/Feeder fund transactions


Custom statement generation

  • Easily customize branding and layout

  • Export as PDF, CSV or HTML

  • Statements available via manager and investor portals

  • Statement distribution electronically to fund managers and investors

  • Four-eyes-on review process with submissions, approvals and locks

  • Reconciliation views to ensure accuracy

Increase productivity

  • Activity monitoring

  • Deadline notification and scheduling

  • Efficient database querying to support processing thousands of transactions

  • Automatic symbol aggregation and mark pulling

  • End of year audit package consisting of financial statements and supporting schedules in accordance with GAAP and IFRS

Enhanced data security

  • Automated backups

  • Multifactor investment-grade authentication

  • Automatic protection against OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities like SQL injection, cross-site request forgeries and cross-site scripting

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