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What We Do

The best way to stay nimble in today’s marketplace is to always be one step ahead of your competition, while complying with an ever-changing regulatory landscape. We offer an array of end-to-end services to ensure that whatever those fund needs may be, we’re right there with a solution. From an emerging manager to an established fund, Summit Fund Services provides an experienced and trusted team that is always poised to deliver the service you need, when you need it, so you’re always several steps ahead.

Full Array of Services

  • Detailed calculation of Net Asset Value

  • Preparation of financial statements and portfolio valuation reports

  • Calculation of investor allocations and performance return data

  • Dedicated client onboarding team and assistance with fund establishment

  • Introduction to and interaction with third-party service providers

  • Offering document review and operational due diligence assistance

  • Reconciliation of cash and portfolio holdings

  • Price collection and verification

  • Automated rules-based valuations for complex and illiquid securities

  • Preparation and distribution of investor statements, capital call and distribution notices

  • Management of investor inquiries and other ad-hoc requests

  • Maintenance of investor data and due diligence information

  • Support for the integration of clients’ data processing systems and middle office information processing needs

  • Informative, efficient and secure ways to effectuate reports to investors and managers

  • In partnership with a leading Information Technology firm with expertise in Blockchain, Data and Analytics, Web Design, Mobile App Dev. and Integration, Cloud Computing, & Managed Services

  • Establishment and maintenance of a cash account

  • Cash flow management and daily bank reconciliations

  • Secure electronic banking for cash transfers and expense payments

Outsourced CFO services

  • Liaise with third-party service providers

  • Preparation of periodic cash and securities reconciliations

  • Coordination of investor reporting, risk measurement calculations, and marketing document preparation

  • Audit and regulatory support

  • Provide curated data and reporting for investment holdings, risk management and performance attribution to both asset managers and asset owners. 

  • Complete and cost-effective solution for all regulatory, investor and portfolio management reporting.

  • Provide value-added risk and investment management-related advisory services

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